Deep Cleaning $60/Hour/Person

Deep Cleaning Checklist- Usually we offer it in Spring and Fall

Your home hasn't been cleaned in the past 6 months by professionals ?

No problem, we can start with a deeper clean and you can pick and choose your needs. 

A standard list of cleaning chores that our house cleaners performs during deep cleaning services 

Living Area & Bedroom, all rooms, pantry and laundry rooms

-Clean all cobwebs

-Clean blinds and window seals

-Base boards

-Doors and frames

-Clean fireplace and around fireplace

-Dust and wipe down furniture and decoration, nick knacks, outside of cabinets

-Clean all ceiling lamps and light fixtures

-Brush inside of couches and upholstery

-Steam and Bona clean wood floors

-Vacuum all floors, carpets, under, behind light furniture and beds

-Tidy room appearance

By request

-Clean the inside cabinets, drawers, closet

-Wash windows/tracks (inside ones we can reach with a step ladder)

-Wash linens/ towels/ make beds


- Cobwebs removed

-Tile walls and bathtubs cleaned and disinfected

- Shower and shower doors cleaned and disinfected

-Sink and counters cleaned and disinfected

- Clean and disinfect toilet, black splash 

-Clean light fixtures

- Window tracks and blinds cleaned

- Baseboards/ doors/ frames dusted and wiped down

- Mirrors cleaned and shined

- Floors washed and disinfected 

- Shine and clean chrome fixtures

- Wipe down outside cabinets and drawers 

- Carpets vacuumed and edged

 By Request:

-Clean inside the cabinets

-Put toiletries out

-Wash windows and inside tracks


-Clean all appliances

-Clean all outside of furniture, cupboards, cabinets

-Clean refrigerator top, exterior, and interior

-Outside of range hood cleaned

-Clean oven and stove, knobs, vent

- Sinks cleaned and disinfected, chrome shined

-Countertops cleaned and disinfected

- Clean outside of cabinets and drawers

- Clean exterior of large appliances

- Wipe down inside and outside of microwave

- Clean table and chairs

- Trash emptied

- Cobwebs removed

- Thorough dusting

-Clean light fixtures

-Baseboards, doors, window seals

- Floors vacuumed, underneath couch and under light movable furniture

-Steam cleaned bare floors, Bona clean hardwood floors

By request

-Wash windows and inside tracks as weather permits

-Clean inside the cabinets, drawers

-Clean outside BBQ weather permitting

-Sweep garage weather permitting