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Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning $65/Hour/Person

We are currently not offering post-construction or renovation cleanings.

If a professional hasn't cleaned your home in the past six months, no worries! We can begin with a thorough cleaning, and you can customize the service based on your specific needs.

 All Rooms 

Living Room

 Remove cobwebs

 Wipe ceiling fans & light fixtures

 Wipe blinds and clean curtain rods

 Wipe baseboards, doors & frames

 Wipe ceiling lamps, fans and all light fixtures

 Wipe down all furniture

Brush inside of couches and upholstery

 Clean fireplace

 Clean and sweep around washer & dryer, wipe down all appliances

✓ Vacuum under and behind couch & light furniture

Steam and Bona wood and hard wood floors

Tidy room appearance

By request

Clean the inside of cabinets, drawers, closets & organize

Wash linens/ towels/ make beds

Wash mattress pads, bed skirts & bed covers 

Sweep garage 

Sweep deck and entry way

Organize & wipe outdoor  furniture 


Image by Zane Persaud

 Remove Cobwebs

Scrub tile grout, shower tub, bath tub 

Shower doors cleaned

 Clean all vanities, backsplash & faucets/ showerheads 

Clean and disinfect toilet, back splash 

Clean light fixtures

Window tracks and blinds cleaned

Baseboards/ doors/ frames dusted and wiped down

Mirrors cleaned and shined

Shine and clean chrome fixtures

Wipe down face of cabinets and drawers 

Carpets vacuumed 

Floors washed

By request

Clean inside the cabinets, cupboards, drawers

 Refill toiletries 

 Wash and dry towels

 Wash and dry shower curtains 

Wash and dry bath mats




Luxury Kitchen

Clean all appliances

Clean all face of cupboards, cabinets, drawers

Clean refrigerator top, exterior, and interior

 Clean stove top, oven & range hood above stove

 Clean and disinfect sinks, chrome shined

Countertops cleaned and disinfected

Wipe down inside and outside of microwave and small appliances

 Wipe down top to bottom: tables, chairs

 Clean light fixtures

 Clean baseboards, doors, window seals

Floors vacuumed

Steam clean bare floors and Bona clean hardwood floors

By request

 Clean out pantry

 Clean inside cabinets, cupboards and drawers

 Clean Interior Freezer

Clean outside BBQ (weather permitting)

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