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We charge $65/hour/person for general cleaning and includes:

All Rooms

Nomadic Style Bedroom

Remove cobwebs

Dust decorations & bookshelves

✓ Wipe down all appliances & surfaces

 Clean mirrors and glass doors

Brush couches & upholstery

 Vacuum all floors

Bona all floors

 Steam bare floors

 By Request: Clean out fireplace.

     Ash bucket must be provided.

 By Request: Wash linens and towels

By Request: Make Beds



✓ Clean fan above stove

Clean all surfaces and wipe down countertops

✓ Clean range hood and stove top

Clean all other appliances 

Clean, scrub & sanitize sink

Polish stainless steel

 Wipe table, chairs & stools

Vacuum & clean all floors

 By Request: Scrub refrigerator

By Request: Oven and freezer cleaning by request (deep clean)



✓ Scrub tile grout, shower tub & wall

✓ Clean toilets, vanities & backsplash

Clean shower heads & faucets

 Clean mirrors

 Polish chrome

 Vacuum floors

✓ Steam bare floors

 By Request: Wash and dry towels

By Request: Refill toiletries

By Request: Wash bath mats

Please note that we use Green Cleaning products, including Meyer’s, Method and Homemade Natural Cleaning Supplies made from DoTERRA essential oils.

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